The applicant must submit:

  1. A one-page text covering
    1. Summary of the work and results,
    2. Scientific impact in the specific field / in adhesion science,
    3. Relevance of the work, highlighting benefits to the circular economy, society, economy, sustainability, environment and/or industry. Each of these three points should take about 1/3 of the page.
  2. One publication (a file of the published manuscript, or if the paper has been accepted but not yet published – the letter of acceptance) covering the work in a peer reviewed international journal which has at least been accepted for publication, but which is not more than two years old, with the applicant as first or corresponding author. For publications with multiple authors, this must be accompanied by a declaration of the applicant’s contribution.
  3. Short CV (1 page maximum).
  4. Letter of recommendation.

The application should be addressed to the chair of EURADH 2018, Lucas F M da Silva, Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto, Portugal and FEICA using the submission form below not later than 16 March 2018. You are recommended not to submit more than one application per company, or work group/department of a university or institute.

Please note that contributions to the EURADH 2018 Conference should be submitted separately and submissions on the same topic are favoured.

Please read the Adhesion Innovation Award Rules carefully before submitting your application.


Contact Information


Project Information


One-page application


Publication covering the work in a peer reviewed international journal


Short CV (1 page maximum)


Letter of recommendation


Allowed file formats: PDF, MS Word (.doc, .docx), ODF (.odt)


Terms and Conditions

I have read and agree with the Adhesion Innovation Award Rules.


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